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General Driving Lessons

Intake 60 minutes35,-
Driving Lesson Loose – Price per 60 minutes47,-
Mock exam (TTT)180,-
Practical exam B270,-
Fear of Failure exam345,-
Further investigation of driving skills (exam BNOR)330,-
Theory Exam50,-
Individual Theory Exam (CBR)110.-
Refresher Course (7.5 hours)350.-
Single lessons per 10 hours470.-
Losse lessen per 10 uur470,-

Prices Car Driving Packages

Including exams

Driving lessons package 10 hours720,-
Driving lessons package 15 hours945,-
Driving lessons package 20 hours1.170,-
Driving lessons package 25 hours1.395,-
Driving lessons package 30 hours1.620,-
Driving lessons package 35 hours1.845,-
Driving lessons package 40 hours2.070,-
Driving lessons package 45 hours2.295,-
**Price driving lessons in package45,-

Urgent packages

Including exam and test

Intensive Course A : 15 hours:1.245,-
Intensive Course B : 20 hours:1.510,-
Intensive Course C : 25 hours:1.775-
Intensive Course D : 30 hours:2.040,-
Intensive Course E : 35 hours:2.305,-
Intensive Course F : 40 hours:2.570,-
Intensive Course G : 45 hours:2.835,-

10 day intensive training in consultation possible!

Trial class at driving school – Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen

Before you start your driving lessons, it is important to make a good estimation of the costs. It is important to know how many driving lessons you will need to pass in order to pass your driving exam in one go. The number of driving lessons needed to pass the driving exam in one go is not possible to say in advance. We understand that students want to hear that they need only a few driving lessons. However, this is not feasible for every student. We therefore want to give honest advice to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards. Our instructors make an assessment based on their long experience during a trial lesson and offer you a suitable driving lesson package.

Because we adapt our driving course to the learning pace of the student, we deal flexibly with the acquired teaching packages. Have you driven and you have passed but you still have hours left that have not been used, then the driving school will pay it back. This also applies if you, for whatever reason, decide not to finish the driving course with us. Even then, the driving school will pay back the part that has not been used. If you are threatening to spend hours outside your driving lesson package, your driving instructor will inform you in good time so that you can purchase additional lessons. In this way we can offer all pupils a tailor-made package and you will not face any unpleasant surprises.

A separate driving lesson (60 minutes) for car or motorcycle costs € 47, -. In a teaching package that is only € 45, -. With these prices we are a relatively inexpensive driving school in Amsterdam. Especially when you look at the quality of our driving lessons.

Please note: we advise you to take driving lessons of at least one and a half or two hours in a row. We are proud that we are a relatively inexpensive driving school in Amsterdam, without having to compromise on quality. When choosing a driving school, pay attention to the success rate, the number of exams taken, and the reviews of former students. So you end up paying less for your driving license!

General Motor Lessons

Intuites of 2 hours50,-
Driving lesson of 60 minutes42,-
6 rides card250,-
Exam vehicle control (AVB)170,-
Traffic Participation Exam (AVD)250,-
Refresher course90,-

Motor Driving Packages

Including exams

13 hours of driving lessons + AVB690,-
17 hours of driving lessons + AVB850,-
21 hours of driving lessons + AVB1.010,-
25 hours of driving lessons + AVB1.170,-
29 hours of driving lessons + AVB + AVD1.580,-
33 hours of driving lessons + AVB + AVD1.740,-
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