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Oud-leerlingen over hun rijlessen bij Autorijschool Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen

De afgelopen jaren hebben wij duizenden leerlingen succesvol bijgestaan in het behalen van hun rijbewijs.
Nagenoeg al onze leerlingen zijn enthousiast over onze aanpak en dat leidt tot veel positieve en lieve berichten. Hieronder een greep uit de meest recente reacties van onze leerlingen.

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  • 5 star review  I chose AVO based on the reviews and never regretted my decision! I had a great experience with this driving school and my instructor Murat. He was patient and clear and systematic with the instructions. I could really feel my skills and confidence grow over time thanks to his teaching style. I also got the opportunity to drive with several other instructors to get used to driving with someone else in the car. Also if you get the chance to do the TTT, I would highly recommend it because it gives you an idea of what the exam will be like. On top of this, it was easy to schedule lessons with Murat, he was super flexible with the timings and I felt that I could do it at the perfect pace for me. I passed the exam on the first go, and what I appreciate the most is that I feel confident to drive on my own now as well. 100% would recommend!

    thumb Liene Ancīte
  • 5 star review  Very happy with the expertise and professionalism of this school. I would highly recommend Brahim as an instructor! Having an urgent need for a license for a new job, Brahim was able to schedule an exam for me 10 days after my theory exam was passed. After an intensive week, and his good advice, I was able to obtain it on the first go.

    thumb K K
  • 5 star review  Passed the practical exam today. Many thanks to my instructor Ibrahim Y., who is a super experienced driver with great responsibility. The driving lessons were very flexible and very useful. I really liked the thematics, how you can earn step by step, with getting more and more responsibility as you proceed. You move onto the next topic, only once you realy understand what you do, why, how, and well enough. Very efficient, and you really get more confident in your driving. For anyone interested, the riding school also provides lessons for the motorbike, e.g. my instructor is also teaching it. I don't agree with some of the reviews I read regarding keeping you back from the exam just to get more money. It seemed to me they do it very reasonably, they really just want you to understand how to drive safely, what to look out for. Really happy with the knowledge and skill gained. Both my instructor and the school was proven to be very professional!

    thumb Estrica Iina
  • 5 star review  Just passed my exam, and had a great experience with the driving school. My instructor, Mo is always fun to drive with, very helpful, never got annoyed when I made mistakes and never had a problem answering the same questions or explaining the same manoeuvres several times, until I completely understood. Having the opportunity to switch the instructor for one or two classes before the exam is excellent practice to drive with someone you're not used to yet - just like you will at the actual exam. All other instructors I encountered were really nice and happy to give positive and negative feedback alike. I highly recommend the driving school.

    thumb Dóra Kótai
  • 5 star review  Just passed the practical exam. The driving school is strict and responsible for your safety. If good skill and safety driving is your preference, then they will not let you down. However, as the standards of adequate driving is really high, for the people who want to get their licences within short time, this is not the best choice. My instructor, Nazif Jan, is fantastic. Young but experienced, hard-working, very patient, supportive, respect and listen to my idea. For expats, English is also a plus. Highly recommend.

    thumb Siyuan Liu
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