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Theory course in Amsterdam



Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen guarantees you a very high chance of success! How do we do that? Because of the teaching method that Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen uses, this course is the ideal preparation for the CBR car theory exam. Each section of the traffic rules is explained extensively after which the relevant questions are practiced.

The course is given by authorized instructors with extensive experience. The course is fun with a lot of interaction, all aimed at obtaining your theory certificate. The course of Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen is suitable for the new style theory exam as it is now offered by the CBR.

On the basis of our practice questions we prepare you optimally for your theory exam. You are trained to understand the problems and to apply the correct traffic rule so that the questions become understandable. Your training is not only focused on obtaining your theory exam but also on applying the traffic rules during practical lessons.

The rules are explained one by one and then we give you practice questions to make sure that you really understand it. The course is concluded with a series of practice exams to repeat the material again.

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Book a CBR exam in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar or Utrecht at a time after our course, all courses are given on Sunday. We recommend that you request your theory exam in advance so that we will connect the course well.

Can’t find a date after this time? No problem, choose a course date one day for your exam, so that you still have the knowledge in mind.

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Theory – The rules and signs

During our theory course we will discuss all parts that are important for obtaining your theory exam. Some rules sometimes seem to contradict each other and you have to be able to make connections between different rules.

Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen offers a unique course in which our WRM-certified instructor explains these rules to you. Our instructor will teach you within a day to make the connections necessary to understand the exam questions and to answer them correctly. After following this course you can go to the CBR for your theory exam with confidence. The knowledge you acquired are also important during the driving lessons. This will also allow you to make progress faster. Take advantage of our years of experience in the field of theory courses and register now.

Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen, The Best Driving School in Amsterdam

Do you want to get your driver’s license quickly? With us you are certainly good! You can do different training courses with us,
we offer car lessons or motor lessons and theory training.

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Theory in 1 day

Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen uses a unique teaching method that is fully focused on the theory exam of the CBR. That way you easily get your theory certificate without extra study time. The next day you already have your theory certificate.

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Program theory course

We gather at 9:15 am at the office of Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen in the morning and after a short introduction the exam-oriented theory starts. And that continues throughout the day with short breaks for coffee and tea until +/- 17: 30h.

This way you get the information in parts. You do not have to learn a dull, thick book on your own or endless questions on a CD.
But in a cozy environment with students who, like you, want to succeed quickly.




This way you learn only what is realy important. We take care of it and do our best to let you get your theory exam in one go! The whole course day you will be prepared for your theory exam.

Do you want to quickly get your CBR theory exam or just want to succeed as quickly as possible just like hundreds of others? Register now right away at Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen and succeed today for your CBR Theory Exam! and succeed today for your CBR Theory Exam!

If you succeed, your theory certificate will remain valid for 1.5 years.

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