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Motor driving lesson in Amsterdam

Nothing gives a greater sense of freedom than to step on your bike for a good ride. With the motor driving lessons of Amsterdam VerkeersOpleidingen you be well prepared and safe on the road. We make sure that you get your motorcycle license quickly and then also hit the road with your own motor. Therefore, go for motor driving in Amsterdam to the registration form and register right away and take advantage of our competitive rates.

Unique Express training
At Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen we offer a unique express training for obtaining your motorcycle license. You can obtain your license already in 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks. Thanks to our compact and intensive training method you get to master all parts of motorcycling quickly. As a result, you will need less driving lessons and you are optimally prepared for the practical exam of the CBR. Also a refresher course is one of the many possibilities we offer.

Request trial lesson

Would you like to follow driving lessons as soon as possible and get your driver’s license? Then ask for a trial lesson so that you can experience how great driving is and what benefits our driving school can offer you. During a trial lesson, the driving instructor can often make a good estimate of your qualities and estimate how many driving lessons you will need. You can also discuss your wishes during this trial class and how quickly you want to get your driving license.

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Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen, The Best Driving School in Amsterdam

Do you want to get your driver’s license quickly? With us you are certainly good!
You can do different training courses with us, we offer car lessons or motor lessons and theory training.

Trial lesson

Based on a trial lesson, we draw up a personal training traject for you. Your instructor will then make an estimate of your options. What can you do and what do you have to train more?

How many driving lessons do you need to pass in one go? The personal trajectory that results from the trail lesson gives all our students the best chance to succeed in one go. You also have a good idea of the costs that you can expect.

Test and Exams

With an Intermediate Test with the CBR your chances of success only increase and you get a good picture of your level. Moreover, you can earn an exemption for the special maneuvers for the practical driving test. With our learning trajectory, we ensure that you are already at or near the exam level. In addition, we offer our students a unique test exam. A different instructor than the one you are teaching with, takes on the role of examiner. He drives an exam route with you and provides feedback on how the test went. This allows you to work with your driving instructor even more focused on your weak points and you are even better prepared for the practical exam. This way you pass in one go for your driving license!

Authorize the Driving school

Before we can apply for the driving test or the interim test for you, you must first authorize the driving school. You need your DigiD for the authorization. If you do not have these yet, you can apply for free on digid.nl. Are you already in possession of a DigiD then you can authorize us on mijn.cbr.nl.

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