Motorcycle lesson

Motorcycling lessons in Amsterdam

Nothing gives a greater feeling of freedom than getting on the bike and cruising. With the motorcycling lessons of Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen you will be well prepared and safe on the road. We make sure that you can quickly get your motorcycle license and after that dare to go on the road on your own with your own motorcycle. For motorcycling lessons in Amsterdam go to the application form and register immediately and benefit from our competitive rates.


Vraag nu een proefles aan!


Step 1


Need a trial lesson? On the basis of a trial lesson we will draw up a personal learning trajectory for you. Your instructor will then make an estimate of your possibilities. What can you do and what are your difficulties?

Approximately how many driving lessons do you need to succeed at once? The resultant personal lesson program gives all our students the best chance to succeed in one go. It also gives you a good idea of the costs you can expect.

Step 2

Give permission

Are the lessons going well and can we both see that you are ready for the exam? Then we will apply for the exam!

Before we can apply for the driving test or the interim test for you, you must first authorise us.

In order to authorise us, you need your DigiD. If you don't have it yet, you can request it free of charge at Are you already in possession of a DigiD then you can authorize us on

Step 3


An intermediate test (TTT) at the CBR only increases your chances of success and gives you a good idea of your level. Moreover, you can earn an exemption for the special actions. With our learning process, we ensure that you are already at or close to the exam level.

In addition, we offer our students a unique trial exam. A different instructor than the one you are lecturing with will then take on the role of examiner. He or she will drive an exam route with you and give feedback on how he or she felt it went. This allows you and your driving instructor to work on your weaknesses in an even more focused way and you will be even better prepared for the practical exam. This way, you will succeed in obtaining your driving licence at once!

Where do I take the exam?

The driving lessons take place in the examination area of the CBR in Amsterdam. This allows us to prepare you well for the driving exam: after all, you are already familiar with the exam routes, which considerably increases your chances of success.

In addition to our regular motorcycle driving lessons that focus on the driving exam at the CBR, you can also attend a crash course or a short-term refresher course at Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen. The refresher course is meant for those who already have a driver's license, but want to get used to the traffic in Amsterdam under supervision. Or for those who already have a driver's license but have not driven for a long time. With our refresher course you will be behind the wheel independently and with a lot of self-confidence.

Curious about the practical exam at the CBR?