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Protocol driving lesson during the corona


Dear student,

Due to the corona measures, we are obliged to apply the following rules as long as there is corona. This is to avoid unnecessarily endangering the health of both our students and our employees.

A day before your driving lesson you should ask yourself the following 5 questions so that if a question is answered with yes, the driving lesson will be canceled in time (24 hours in advance).

1)Have you had any of the following complaints in the past 24 hours?

– cough – nose cold – fever of 38 degrees or more – anxiety symptoms

2) Do you currently have a roommate / family member with a fever and / or shortness of breath?

3) Have you had the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days?

4) Do you have a roommate / family member with COVID-19 and have you had contact with him / her in the past 14 days while he / she still had complaints?

5) Are you in home isolation because you have had direct contact with someone with COVID-19?

Pick-up location for all candidates:

DRIVING SCHOOL AVO – Ottho Helderingstraat 31-D

– Instructor disinfects and air the car for 10 minutes;

– No hands are shaken;

– Instructor asks the 5 questions for confirmation, if the lesson is canceled, the lesson is canceled;

– Preliminary discussion: content of the lesson is done outside the car at 1.5m distance from each other

– Student and instructor disinfect the hands

– Student and instructor wear a face mask;

– Student wears disposable gloves;

– In case of symptoms, the driving lesson is stopped immediately and the student is dropped off on the spot;

– In case of symptoms, a break of 14 days is taken before the next driving lesson is scheduled;

– Discussion of the lesson takes place outside the car at 1.5m distance;

– Student cannot use the office to wait;

– Student cannot ride along to be dropped off;

– Student provides his own mask, disposable gloves and disinfection gel.

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