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The driving school in Amsterdam

Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen is the driving school in Amsterdam with very competitive rates for motorcycle and car driving lessons and with a very high success rate. On average 80% of our students for the B driving license pass the driving exam at once (Source: CBR). That's about 40% higher than the average in Amsterdam! For the motorcycle license it is even 96% (Source: CBR).

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Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen is the driving school in Amsterdam close to the CBR location. Our candidates learn how to drive a car at their own pace based on a proven concept. All components are explained and then a build-up takes place in which the student is constantly challenged by looking for more difficult locations. From an easy location in the beginning to a busier and therefore more difficult location at the end of the lesson. Progress is tracked on the lesson card. This way the candidate always knows where he stands. One of the most difficult parts is the traffic insight. How to deal with the changing traffic situations. Rijschool Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen has the right solution for this as well. The result is that our students pass their driving exams in one go. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In recent years we have already helped satisfied students thousands of satisfied students with their driving license. Students who had never been driving before and also students who had switched from another driving school. Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen is also the driving school in Amsterdam for expats and foreigners.

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General rates 

Driving lessons

Intake of 60 minutes                   €   40,-

Intermediate test (TTT)                €   180,-

Practical exam                               €   270,-

Exam Fear of Failure                          €   345,-

Further research into driving ability   €   330,-

Rijtest                                               €   175,-

Freshen up course (7,5 hours)                     €   375,-

Separate lessons per 10                        €   500,-

Rates Drivinglesson Packages

Including examination


Lesson package of 10 hours                    €   770,-

Lesson package of 15 hours                    €   1.020,-

Lesson package of 20 hours                    €   1.270,-

Lesson package of 25 hours                    €   1.520,-

Lesson package of 30 hours                    €   1.770,-

Lesson package of 35 hours                    €   2.020,-

Lesson package of 40 hours                    €   2.270,-

Lesson package of 45 hours                    €   2.520,-

Rush Packages

Including EXAMS and TTT


Rush A: 15 hours                    €   1.275,-

Rush B: 20 hours                    €   1.550,-

Rush C: 25 hours                    €   1.825,-

Rush D: 30 hours                    €   2.100,-

Rush E: 35 hours                    €   2.375,-

Rush F: 40 hours                    €   2.650,-

Rush G: 45 hours                    €   2.925,-

10-day rush training possible by mutual agreement!

Google Reviews

IF vs
IF vs
Ik ben heel tevreden over deze rijschool! Na een slechte ervaring bij een andere school in amsterdam, was ik heel blij met mijn instructrice Ilhana die haar werk serieus nam en aandachtig les gaf. Waarna ik mijn rijbewijs haalde. Aanrader!
Jayesh Khadke
Jayesh Khadke
I had failed the practical exam twice and then one of my friends recommended this school. I contacted them and from the very first intake meeting, I was impressed by the professional setup and methodology followed. My instructor, Mohammed Barzizaa, is quite simply the best driving instructor one could have! He evaluated my driving, identified my weaknesses and ensured that I kept on improving those areas. He was very calm and patient, even I was making the same mistakes repeatedly. He encouraged me and helped me overcome them. And his sense of humor made every lesson a pleasant experience! In addition to Mohammed’s excellent teaching, the several “switches” also helped greatly, where other teachers from the school rode with me and pointed out areas that needed attention. As a result, I passed my practical exam! A big thanks to everyone who helped me, and especially to Mohammed! I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to earn a driving license - great value for money!
Maarten van der Sluis
Maarten van der Sluis
Zeer tevreden over de rijschool. Jeason, topinstructeur!
Ric Roz
Ric Roz
tim van leeuwen
tim van leeuwen
Echt een super rijschool, je kan het niet beter vinden. Goede communicatie, eerlijk, vertrouwelijk, aardig en geduldig. Mijn rijinstructeur Mohammed was continu non-stop geweldig: vriendelijk, relaxt, gezellig, kritisch, behulpzaam, professioneel, alles wat je zoekt in een instructeur. Dankzij hem heb ik altijd fijne lessen gehad en met gemak mijn examen kunnen halen in het eind. Ik heb alleen maar lovende woorden voor AVO en Mohammed, echt een top rijschool. Ik gun het iedereen om hier hun lessen te doen, want nergens anders zal je zo goed les krijgen. Extreem bedankt AVO, en in het bijzonder, super super bedankt Mo!